1. The expert team accurately interpreting the importer’s request in accordance with the required items and filling up the order form for the goods. 2. Carefully examining the client’s request and requesting clarity on all specifics 3. Select the most suitable source.      

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Service of negotiating for the best costs and special offers One of the most crucial phases for the importer is this one. Finding competitive rates is our plan, therefore in order to maximize profit and guarantee that the importer will provide the necessary criteria for the goods being brought in, it must find the best […]

Offering the best deals on shipping and delivery, loading and unloading, and payment Panaf safeguards the shipping process by offering the greatest deals from shipping providers and implementing the following measures: 1. Researching the optimum delivery and receipt routes for the importer. 2. Speaking with the top shipping businesses to obtain the best deals and […]

Monitoring of products, their delivery, and their adherence to standards To protect the interests of the importer, Panaf is meticulous in its execution of his work and performs controls and audits on the necessary specifications and quantities. When necessary, it also offers packing services and guarantees the security of goods before receiving them from the […]

Specialization in work is one of the most important avantages of success. For this reason panaf been keen to provide specialists in customs clearance, which is one of the most important stages of export to ensure the proper functioning of the working, performing the following actions: 1. Preparing all the required papers for the customs […]